Landscaping and Garden Services

Lawn Care –
Lawn mowing – We advise you to book the service regularly and this way, ensure optimum care of your turf. You can schedule weekly, fortnightly or monthly lawn mowing appointments.

Edging and borders – Neatly trimming the edges of your lawn, or shaping it to fit other garden features. We can install any decorative borders.

Lawn aeration – This lawn maintenance procedure is performed in spring and early autumn. It improves air and water flow to the roots of the grass. The service can be combined with lawn feeding or top-dressing.

Seeding – Seeding addresses patchiness and generally boosts the health of your lawn.

Top-dressing – usually completed after aeration or seeding to speed up your lawn recovery. It involves applying a special mix of topsoil and sand to the grassed area.

Fertilizing – Depending on the type of grass you have, seasonal conditions in your locale and the specifics of the lawn’s site (level of sunlight exposure and shade), we can advise you on the right fertilizer for your grassed area.

Turf Installation –
From choosing your turf to laying, we cover the preparation of ground, spreading of underlay and providing ongoing support to a great new lawn area.

Manual weed removal, with care of your other plants and garden.

Garden irrigation
Drip Irrigation Systems – Drip irrigation systems are far more efficient than watering your garden with a hose. Drip irrigation delivers the water to the root of the plants, which is exactly where it is needed. If you hook it up to an automated timer, you have the most effective automatic watering system at your disposal.

Micro Garden Sprinkler Systems – Micro sprays can either be spray jets discharging a fine or coarse spray. Whichever type you use, they will fit into any garden shape and offer a variety of flow rates and watering patterns. Micro sprays are better for open areas that are exposed to strong winds. They are also great for penetrating compact garden beds and dense foliage.

Plant Selection and design
We create an outside space, be it for entertaining or relaxation, that will also add value to your home. We provide a complete design service from the original concept through to implementation and construction. We explore the clients styles, preferences and existing ideas.

Tree and hedge pruning
Hedge trimming is a process used to shape hedges so they can grow in the desired way. Hedges are generally maintained by our hedge trimmers, who use hand shears and sometimes electric or petrol-powered trimmers for larger bushes.
Hedges may be trimmed to maintain privacy or simply because they are overgrown and need some care.
Trimming may be done on a regular basis as part of maintenance, or it may be done when the bush has grown too large and must be trimmed back extensively.

Soil Preparation & Restoration

We aim to help support vegetation and plant life around your grounds thrive throughout the year. Our soil preparation services are dedicated to establishing the optimal environment for your lawns, garden areas and more. We handle every aspect of your grounds preparation on a one-off or seasonal basis, including suitable topsoil selection and landscape bed preparation for flowers, trees and plants. We also perform full fertilization and soil drainage services for even the most expansive outdoor spaces.

Garden Mulching
Garden mulch helps protect and nourish your plants, so it should be replaced once it starts decomposing. Whether it’s time to replace your mulch or you just want to swap it out for a different material we can help with the entire process.

Benefits of Mulch –
new mulch can help keep invading weeds out of your garden
fresh mulch will provide nutrients to your soil to help keep your plants healthy
less water will evaporate from your soil, reducing your need to water your plants

Garden Clean Ups
If you need a garden cleanup we can help with any job no matter the size, whether it is a cleanup for an end of lease or getting ready for a complete front or backyard transformation we can do the job. We can arrange skips, take ute loads to the tip or even mulch green waste if required.

Garden Beds
Installation of garden beds be it raised, or in ground, we build and install them from the ground up. We plan around your specific tastes and styles and can help with planting and ongoing maintenance as required.

We also do Wicking beds – Wicking beds water plants from below rather than above. They’re basically containers with water reservoirs at the base – like a giant self-watering pot. … This allows moisture to be more evenly distributed through the soil, creating better growing conditions for the plants.

We provide a paving service that includes laying paving, changing old driveways and constructing patio areas with garden paving. We will provide and install your driveway, garden paving or outdoor patio and aim to ensure your complete satisfaction during all phases of your paving or patio job.

Our paving services include –
New construction driveways
Driveway resurfacing
Existing driveway expansion
Patio Areas

Retaining Walls
We build a range of different retaining walls, carefully designed and executed to do the job required.